Our Policies

At Identity tours we value our customers and we want to make sure that each travellers that use our service have a great and memorable time. Please familiarise yourself with our policies and please feel free to contact us anytime if you would like more information regarding our service.

Smoking Policy

Service Users may smoke only on planned rest stops and during designated free times in allowable areas, there is absolutely no smoking in vehicles or hotel/ motel rooms.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited by the service user, unless it states on the application form. Only moderate consumption will be allowed.

Injury/ Illness

If a service user becomes ill or injured and cannot continue to travel with the group, and requires transportation home, Identity tours staff member will get in touch with the main contact person to discuss what is the best option for the service user to return home.

Property Damage

Service user who, intentionally or unintentionally damage or destroy property not belonging to themselves, are financially responsible for repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed property. Identity Tours, its staff accept no financial responsibility for damaged or destroyed property.

Medication Dispensing

All non-self medicating service users medications and prescriptions must be individually pre- packaged according to the time and date of each dispensing. The guardian/ parents/ care staff are responsible for making sure this is completed accurately. Medication should not be packed in a service users suitcase. An extra day's supply of medication must be sent in case of emergency or trip delay. All medications will be surrendered to the tour director or person responsible for dispensing the medication at the time of check in. Service users who who normally self medicate can continue this practice on trips and package their medications in the way they are familiar with.

Travel Insurance

Travel/ Cancellation insurance can be purchased through Neil Haxton from aibGroup to protect you if you are to cancel for a variety of reasons. It also includes coverage for some accidents and illnesses. We strongly encourage travel insurance, especially for any trip including air, cruise, train or international travel.

Payments/ Deposit

A deposit for each trip must accompany the application. Tours requiring a large deposit will be indicated as such in the deposit required letter which will be sent out to you upon receiving an interest from you.

A deposit, normally is required to firmly hold a spot on a tour. The remaining trip fee balance will be due 5-6 weeks prior to the trip start date.


Final confirmation letter will be mailed out to you within 5-10 days after receiving your full payment. Identity tours ltd reserves the right to cancel any session (trips) due to insufficient registration. In the event of cancellation, travellers will be notified and will be offered first choice of available trips, or their payment will be refunded in full.

Personal Escorts

At times service users and caregivers simply do not feel comfortable attending a holiday without a familiar face along. This situation has been common for service users who may need more assistance than our normal 1:5 ratios and many wheelchair bound travellers.

We welcome, encourage, and will at times require that personal escorts join us. The cost for such an arrangement for both participants could be discussed with Identity Tours Staff.