Forgotten World Adventures


9th - 14th January 2020

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0800 19 66 33

About the tour

Explore the epic landscapes and changing scenery of New Zealand's Forgotten World. Experience the sights either by Rail Cart down the Forgoten World Railway. Hear the stories of hardy pioneers and off the beaten path communities in one of New Zealand's most stunning North Island destinations. Plus scenic tours of Taumarunui township, NaConal Park and around Lake Taupo for a lovely lunch in Taupo...

The NaConal Army Museum is museum of the New Zealand Army - Tears On Greenstone – Roimata Pounamu is the largest Jade (Nephrite) structure in the Southern Hemisphere. This overwhelming memorial wall stands sentry to the Museum proper and commemorates all New Zealanders lost in conflict. A veil of water descends from its towering height. Symbolising tears of mourning and renewed life, as it flows down the greenstone face, voices through speakers echo conCnuously reading in alphabeCcal order, the names of the fallen. This reading of the names is combined with special songs (Waiata) and prayers (Karakia).

Smash Palace Horopito Motors the largest and only vintage car dismantlers in Australasia. There are acres of older vehicles daCng from 1920's to 1970's and we may have a few parts for pre World War I cars.

Ex Auckland – Thursday 9th January – Tuesday 14th January 2020- 6 Days.
Price are per person twin share, Breakfast, Accommodation, Forgotten World Railway and The National Army Museum are included. Please bring spending money for lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks.. 6 days Carer Support Plus $975.60